Creating jobs, service & community focus in Florida

Coca-Cola UNITED creating jobs, service & community focus in Florida:   In an article published in the Northwest Florida Daily News online, Karen Roganov, Daily News contributing writer, highlights the anticipated September acquisition of Valparaiso Coca-Cola and Pensacola Coca-Cola. In the article, Scott Smith, Director of Operational Marketing for Coca-Cola UNITED, comments toward Coca-Cola UNITED’s commitment to our customers and communities.

This impact includes more local jobs, better-stocked shelves, more community involvement and growing their market, according to Scott Smith, Director of Operational Marketing for Coca-Cola UNITED.


“In our business model, we invest more in the customer service.”  To increase that service, “Coca-Cola UNITED is adding nine jobs to the Valparaiso market and 35 jobs to the Pensacola market.”

Ed Hall Sales Center Manager Valparaiso Coca-Cola


Coca-Cola UNITED, headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama, is currently in the preparation stages of welcoming the Valparaiso and Pensacola Coca-Cola associates into the Coca-Cola UNITED Family.  In the full article, Ed Hall, Sales Center Manager, speaks to Karen Roganov about the Coca-Cola UNITED “Town Hall” meetings for the 230 employees.

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