Macon Celebrates SHARE A COKE DAY

Share A Coke, Centerville - Mayor-Harley-SAC
Centerville Mayor Harley and Aulton Akridge

In celebration of 131 years of Coca-Cola we shared a Coke with some special people in our area. Personalized glass Coca-Cola bottles were ordered for customers, local officials and business owners. They were hand delivered, with a smile, on Share a Coke Day.

“It is amazing how fast you can become friends when you talk about Coca-Cola and how much joy it has brought people across their lives. He and I talked for 45 minutes about his many stories with Coca-Cola in his life and his many collectable items (mostly Coke bottles)……… But he told me NONE would be a special as this one. None of the others have his name on them.” On Premise Territory Manager Aulton Akridge wrote about his visit with Centerville Mayor John Harley.

We also celebrated at our sales center with refreshments for everyone. All team members were given “Share a Coke with Everyone” t-shirts and wore them with pride.