Coca-Cola UNITED Partners with O-I to Recycle Glass Bottles

Coca-Cola UNITED’s new partnership with O-I Glass captures more recycled glass out of UNITED’s Marietta, Georgia, production center to be created into new glass bottles.

Coca-Cola UNITED is committed to creating a World Without Waste with the goal of using 50% recycled material in its bottles by 2030. The bottling company is partnering with O-I Glass to capture more recycled glass to be created into new glass bottles.

“We previously sent our glass bottles to a local recycler that used the material in fiberglass,” says Corey Tucker, Warehouse and Logistics Manager for Coca-Cola UNITED’s Marietta, Georgia, production center. But now, the center’s recycled glass will be taken to O-I’s plant in Danville, Virginia, and remade into new glass bottles.

Glass is 100% recyclable and infinitely recyclable, making it the ideal packaging material to support a low-waste, circular economy. Recycled glass is a main ingredient in manufacturing new glass bottles and jars, and the more that’s used in each batch saves on energy and decreases emissions.